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Top Tamil family fables that are worth the watch 

1- Burqa

Dive into the riveting world of “Burqa,” a poignant 2023 Tamil film directed by Sarjun KM.

Premiered at the pretigious New York Indian Film Festival, this heart-touching drama follows the journey of Najma (Mirnaa Menon), a young widow navigating through grief and societal norms.

Fate intertwines her path with Surya (Kalaiyarasan), an unexpected guest with a mysterious past. As they engage in profound conversations about religion, gender, and equality, “Burqa” unveils a compelling tale of human connection transcending barriers.

Kalaiyarasan and Mirnaa Menon deliver stellar performances, making this film a must-watch.

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2- Tamil Kudimagan

Embark on a compelling journey with “Tamil Kudimagan,” a 2023 Tamil gem directed by Esakki Karvannan.

Cheran and Sri Priyanka lead this tale of societal defiance and resilience. Chinnasamy (Cheran), a man burdened by societal judgments, transforms his destiny from a humble funeral performer to a milk seller. When confronted with an unexpected request to perform last rites, he faces a moral dilemma that leads to a court battle challenging caste prejudices.

Cheran’s poignant portrayal and a stellar ensemble cast, including Lal, Vela Ramamoorthy, Aruldoss, S.A. Chandrasekhar, Mayilsami and Sendrayan, make “Tamil Kudimagan” a powerful narrative echoing the pursuit of justice.

3- Jothi

AV Krishna Paramatma’s suspense-filled Jothi is an excellent choice for those who love gripping tales mixed with entertainment.

Released on 28th July 2022, this movie features an ensemble cast led by Vetri and Sheela Rajkumar in the leading role. Krisha Kurup, Elango Kumaravel, Mime Gopi, Naan Saravanan and SP Rajasethupathi bring an excellent screen presence as supporting cast in the movie.

The story revolves around a pregnant woman, Aruljothi, who faces the nightmare of her baby being stolen just days before delivery. The investigation, led by Vetri’s character Sakthi, takes unexpected turns as family secrets and betrayals come to light. With intense performances from Sheela, Krisha Kurup, and SP Rajasethupathi, “Jothi” weaves a thrilling narrative of crime, deception, and a mother’s desperate fight for justice.

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