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Violent opposition rallies erupt again in Togo as nine-year old dies and several injured

A nine year old boy was killed and several injured while others were arrested during Wednesday 20th September opposition protest in Northern part of Togo to denounce the constitutional reform project to be submitted to a referendum.

RTBF reports from a Togolese based Human Right Watch NGO that ‘’a child was killed’’ and several injured in Mango, a locality in Northern Togo’’ on wednesday after security forces opened fire on protesters during a non-authorised demonstration. Abdoulaye Yacoubou was a 9 year-old primary 5 pupil.

The PNP partisans (the opposition group that triggered the current protestations in Togo) are responsible for the incident according to Togolese Minister of interior and Civil Protection Colonel Mark Damehane. The Minister said that some partisans of the Majority Party UNIR were taken to task by the opposition militants. ‘’some officials of the Majority party UNIR were undressed, molested and their properties destroyed’’ he added that some demonstrators were holding ‘’some weapons of war’’ and six of them have still not been found, in total a death and 25 people injured, reports RFI Afrique.

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Conversersely, the opposition rank believe that the regime in place is looking for some alibi against the PNP. According to the counsellor of the Democratic Alliance Bureau for integral Development the PNP doesn’t have a headquarters in Mango, thus doesn’t have militants in the said town, reports Icilome.
Meanwhile, Togo tribune.com reveals that clashes began when some unhauthorised pro-government protesters intermingled with the opposition rally to provoke the later, the situation then escalated in conflict between the 2 parties and the security forces opened fire at the demonstrators.
Francois Patuel, researcher at Amnesty International West Africa –a Non-Governmental Organisation- has called to open an independant and impartial investigation of the circumstances leading to the death of the young 9-year old pupil school- boy and the excessive use of power by security forces –Le Monde Afrique

Majority party demonstration

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Internet has been shut down again informed the Togolese activist Farida Nabourema on her Twitter handle.

‘’Social media shutdown in #Togo,massive repression ongoing in northern towns as protests have resumed today against @FEGnassingbe #Togodebout
@Farida_N (21 September 2017).’’

Despite Government effort to squash the protests, the opposition leader Jean Pierre Fabre declared its determination ‘’to fight until the end’’, reports France 24. Additionally, he called for a popular protests on 26th, 27th, and 28th September.


Early last week, The Conference of the Bishops of Togo invited all Togolese to promote unity, fraternity and peace among other in Togo by carying institutional and constitutional reforms.
Aside, Muslims Union (UMT) invited all political parties to ‘’a sincere and frank dialogue’’.
Nonetheless, the Muslim Union regrets that the purification prayers –to purify the country- undertook on 06, 07, and 09 July were not productive reports Togotopinfo.
If the Northern part of the country was prompt to an escalation of violence, meanwhile in the central and southern part (Lomé) and neighborhood, no account of escalation was recorded between the opposition protesters and the main party protesters who were demonstrating simultaneously, reports Edmund D’almeida –JeuneAfrique.

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Photo minority party demonstration in lomé 


The opposition protest demonstrates against the current constitutional reform project to vote by a referendum imposed by UNIR, the majority party and which the opposition found out that it has been designed to maintain the Gnassingbe dynasty in power. In fact the two-term restrictions will not apply retroactively and will allow Mr Gnassingbé to run again.
Faure Gnassingbe has been into power for 12 years after both a military push and a ‘’constitutional rape’’ favored him to become president in 2005, when his father died after spending 38years in power.



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