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Tons of cocaine is seized by Moroccan police


The drug was seized on Tuesday 3rd October during a control near Rabbat in the North Western part of the Country and it’s the most important in “quantity” and “quality” of drug ever seized, worth US$ 2.5 billion according to authorities.


The Central Bureau of Judiciary Investigation (BCIJ) announced that 13 persons were arrested. They were linked with an international drug trafficking network reports JeuneAfrique. Aside, that 105 kilos of cannabis were seized along with 394 520 euros’ bank note ,8 vehicles, satellites mobile phones and two hunting rifle.

The Investigations revealed that the goods shipped from Latin America was intended for export and local consumption.

Morocco geographical situation on the Mediterranean Sea makes it a hub for international drug trafficking with Europe. United Nation Office on Drug and Crimes reports an increase of West Africa routes and recently North Africa routes by South-American drug dealers who later to transit them to Europe.

In February 2017, the first Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) office was opened in Rabat in Morocco to tackle the issue.

Later 2016 the Moroccan Police seized 250 kg of cocaine in Oujda where as Two Peruvian were arrested.

Actu-Maroc reports on Wednesday, 4th October the Spanish customs in collaboration with the Police also foilled an attempt to smuggle 290 kg of cocaine coming from Brasil in the Algesiras harbor in Spain.

In August this year a Venezuelan citizen transiting from Addis-Abeba was apprehended at “Aéroport de Libreville” in Gabon with 1.5 kilo of cocaine worth US$ 80000.

Africa is the door to drug trafficking and transiting to Europe and America, not long ago the continent has also become a drug laboratory for transformation.


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