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Togolese Civil League holds discussion in Accra over current political crisis

Members of Togolese civil society have held a press conference about the Togolese current political turmoil in Accra.

The current Political crisis in Togo has attracted a keen interest in the  Ghanaian media since it started on 19th August 2017. Many Ghanaian media have gone to Togo to cover the demonstrations in Lomé the Togolese capital.

The Civil Society, in its quest to improve awareness of the political crisis in Togo to West African media, especially media in Ghana, held a press conference at Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra on 2nd September,2017.

Farida Bemba Nabourema a Togolese Human Rights Advocate Writer Anti-Dictators and Executive Director, Togolese Civil League in an invitation letter addressed to Civil Society on Fmliberty.com on Monday, 28th August explains the purpose of the conference below.

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‘’The purpose of the conference is to improve understanding of the current political crisis in Togo among citizens and decision makers of neighboring countries in order to prevent possible escalation which could be detrimental to the peace and stability that reigns in the region. At this conference, you will be able to: Gain a clear awareness of the under-reporting of Togo’s political turmoil and social crisis; Gain an awareness of Human Rights abuses and restriction of freedoms in Togo’s elections management setups as well as the country’s media universe. Understand the Political and Socio-economic impacts of Togo’s crisis on Ghana’’.


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Source: icilomé.com + fmliberte.com

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