Home News STC’s foray into the Asafo station in Kumasi faces stiff opposition by VIP

STC’s foray into the Asafo station in Kumasi faces stiff opposition by VIP

Focus fm is reporting this morning, a budding standoff between the VIP, a private bus entity and the Inter-City State Transport Corperation (STC), a public entity over loading space at Asafo market in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi.

Apparently, the STC foray into the Asafo Station has been fiercely opposed by the VIP officials of the workers union.

We are learning that there was supposed to be an inaugural ceremony this morning, 16th october, 2017 by the STC at Asarfo near the VIP station. And this has been disallowed by the VIP officials and the Workers Union.

Meanwhile  police men from the SWAT team from the Ashanti police Headquarters led by Commander of Operations, Supt. Caesar Abanga.

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Operators of the Inter-City STC wrote to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) on September 6, 2017, to acquire one of the dormant bus terminals close to the VIP lorry station at Asafo of which they were granted permit to operate on September 12, 2017.

The move by STC according to the Head of Operations, Ashanti, Lord Inusah Lansah, was to help the state-owned company to run a parallel station at Adum (which remains their main office) and Asafo to maximize profit.

The plan to move to Asafo was in line with the agenda of the new admiration to open as many satellites stations as possible across the country to make the rebranded Inter-City STC more accessible to passengers.

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But the operators of the VIP said the move to relocate the STC station close to them was to scuttle their businesses and ‘steal their passengers.

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Source: Tonny A. Nyarko/focusfmonline.com

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