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Major Mahama’s death…induced by galamsey

Today’s investigations showed that the talk of Major Mahama being a criminal or an armed robber was a well-orchestrated ploy by the locals of Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region.

Today has established that Major Mahama was lured into his death unsuspectingly by the town’s assembly member and his gang.

“So it was also totally untrue that Major Mahama was on his routine daily jogging,” a source close to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), told Today.

A Lieutenant of the Army (name withheld) nearly faced a similar fate but for his intuitive direction and response to the trap set by the assemblyman and his cohorts.

Today discovered that the Lieutenant refused to personally attend a meeting organised by the assemblyman and his ilk and instead detailed four of his juniors to attend the said meeting.

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The assemblyman and his group had anticipated that they would be able to convince the military detachment to soften their stance on galamsey operations in their area, but the soldiers would not budge.

In the process, the four military men had to escape the wrath of the townsfolk.

The soldiers, Today gathered, reported their narrow escape to their superiors, and this was recorded in their daily report to the military hierarchy in Accra.

Major Mahama was lured into a similar meeting by the assemblyman and when he refused to accede to their demands, they decided to kill him.

Some of the ladies who blew the false alarm about the armed robbery status of Major Mahama were part of the scheme.

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The alarm was raised by one of the women who had come to the roadside to buy food items.

“Her presence at the roadside was only a decoy.  She called the assemblyman to notify him that Major Mahama had hit the road side and therefore should notify his gang who had then ambushed waiting for instructions to strike at Major Mahama,” Today’s source indicated.

The military hierarchy was said to be very angry at the first information put out by the police that Major Mahama was an armed robber.

In the estimation of the military chief, the police acted unprofessionally by putting out such falsehood without taking the pain to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the allegations.


Major Mahama was mistaken for an armed robber by the people of Denkyira-Obuasi and was subsequently lynched, resulting in his death.

He will be given a state burial tomorrow, Friday, June 9, 2017.

SOURCE: Today Online

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