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Lecturers are to be blamed for lack of interest in reading among students – KNUST librarian

A librarian at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Mr Richard Lamptey has blamed lecturers for the low patronage of libraries in KNUST and the country at large. According to him, most lecturers give hand-outs to students and also set questions from the hand-outs which do not encourage students to go to the library to read more.

Speaking on the Teknocrat on Focus FM, the librarian said most students do not use the books at the library but rather bring hand-outs to read at the library during exam periods. Meanwhile KNUST since 2014 has barred lecturers from selling hand-outs to students. The directive was to prevent lecturers from giving “ill-prepared pamphlets and booklets” which in the end discourage students from taking interest in research.

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“I will not blame the students but sometimes I’ll also blame the lecturers, the way they teach because they like giving students hand-outs and once they give them the hand-outs the exam questions will also come from the hand-outs which doesn’t help them to think outside the box’’ he said.

Most students have complained about the archaic books in the libraries but the Mr Lamptey has said that the librarians at KNUST are going to make sure that the reading lists put up by lecturers are actually going to be made available in the library to enable students get up-to-date reading materials in the libraries with the help of a software called reading list management software.

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“What now, library we want to do now is that, when you go to any of the colleges they have a course, when they design the course they come out with reading lists. Those reading lists, as we speak they put it there just to satisfy accreditation. But what we want to do now is that, when you put these reading there we must make sure the library provides these reading lists and then we also force the lecturers to refer students to these reading lists. This will at least help students to read outside the lecture notes given in the class’’ he added.

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Source: Gemma Appiah/Focus FM (KNUST)

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