Home Campus KNUST pays 2.5million Ghana cedis every month for electricity consumption–KNUST lecturer

KNUST pays 2.5million Ghana cedis every month for electricity consumption–KNUST lecturer

A lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with the Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Richard Opoku has said that the university consumes about 2.3 gigawatts per hour of energy every month which is equal to 2.5million Ghana cedis.

According to the lecturer the university’s electricity demand is about 6megawatts which the school should be capable of investing in order to generate its own renewable energy resources for consumption.

“Last week for instance I was looking at the electricity consumption in our own campus KNUST, and I realised that in KNUST in terms of energy terms we are consuming between 2.2 to 2.4gigawatts hour of energy every month and in most at times this is about 2.5million cedis every month. That is what we are paying for our electricity consumption.

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Our energy demand is about 6megawatts and KNUST can invest in a 6megawatts system, renewable energy system, that we will not even need to depend on the grid anymore and it is time that the university management look into this.

Speaking on the Teknocrat on Focus Fm Dr. Opoku charged the university management to invest in renewable resources to reduce the load on the national grid.

Meanwhile the vice president has hinted that the flagstaff house and the parliament house will soon be taken off the national grid for solar panels to be installed at these institutions.


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