Home News ITLOS ruling will ensure peace between Ghana and Ivory Coast – Dr. Brenya

ITLOS ruling will ensure peace between Ghana and Ivory Coast – Dr. Brenya

A lecturer with the history and political studies department at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Dr, Edward Brenya has said that the victory of Ghana in the maritime dispute with its neighbour, Ivory Coast is rather going to ensure peace between the two countries. Some Ghanaians after the ruling on 23rd September 2017, have predicted a possible tension between the two countries. However, speaking on the teknocrat with Gemma Appiah on Focus Fm (KNUST), Dr. Brenya said that the relationship between the two countries will not be affected in anyway especially when Ghana already enjoys a good rapport with its neighbour.

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“I think that already Ghana enjoys a good rapport with the government of Cote D’Ivoire. We saw the Ivorian president being the guest of honour at the inauguration of the president and the president continues to enjoy that rapport. I think that even after the judgement both presidents have come out to say that they are going to respect the judgement and abide by the judgement. I think rather it should establish some level of peace. There was this worry over the neck of Ghanaians, where the Ivorians were claiming that Ghana was stepping on their maritime boundaries now the legal court has spoken we now know the fact that Ghana did nothing wrong so I think it should rather go in to establish a peaceful relationship because then both sides will know that no one is trampling on the rights or property of the other and I don’t think it should create any tension between the two countries.
He further advised government to take steps to ensure that Ghanaians enjoy the full benefits of the oil.

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“but for the ordinary Ghanaian I think steps must be taken to ensure that this oil find, this settlement that gives about oil wealth to Ghana actually affects the lives of ordinary Ghanaian. Kwesi Nduom yesterday advised that the president should take steps to ensure that towns and villages around this area really feel the impact. I want to extend it by saying that Ghana as a whole county, steps must be taken to ensure that at this time we can feel that yes indeed we have oil’’ added.

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) delivered its ruling in favour of Ghana on the 23rd of September 2017 in the three-year-long maritime dispute between Ghana and Ivory Coast.

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