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Government reacts days after a Landslide swallows a village in DRC

Ten days after a deadly landslide  destroyed Tana, a fishing village in Northeast Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC Government delegates Ministry of Interior to experience the disaster firsthand and assist the families of the victims in the village.

 Government supports families of victims

 On 16th of August a deadly landslide in eastern DRC swallowed the village located on the bank of Lac Albert in Ituri Province near Uganda. Minister of interior Ramazani Shadari arrives 10 days after with the main message, ‘’a full support from Government’’ but survivors of the disaster have severely criticized Government for coming very late which could have saved more people.

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A school kit was given to 190 inventoried orphans and 200 dollars was given per family to organize their funerals. Local authorities estimate that about hundred of corpses might remain under the debris and they are worried about an outbreak of diseases. Government has provided materials to a Red Cross Center to sterilize the area. Authorities also called on the international community for emergency assistance with rescue and recovery efforts-Aljazeera

 200 hundreds victims so far


Afrique-centrale.fr reports that current Government provisional figures estimates to 140 victims. Meanwhile Governor of Ituri province following a report to Reuters estimated that more than 200 people have been killed, based on estimations from the number of households. Meanwhile 600 more people are missing.

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The disaster is due to human activities and natural factors

Human activities like large-scale deforestation and mining activities driven by growing demands for land, and climate change, which is affecting rainfall patterns, have contributed to the problem- nytimes.com.

Additionally, Eastern Congo is positioned on a seismic fault line. Consequently, the region experiences earthquakes and sometimes volcano eruptions –Reuters


This is not the first time in DR Congo

The catastrophe succeeds the Sierra Leone calamity where 400 people were killed by a massive mudslide on August 14, 2017.

Aljazeera notes a total of 69 people who were reported killed and several bodies unfound and many lost of properties in mudslides, in 2010 and 2002 in the eastern part of the country, in villages of Kibiriga and the eastern town of Uvira in DRC.

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According to UN agencies the country is in the middle of humanitarian crisis as 7.7 millions of people are on the verge of starvation.  FAO finally reports that conflict has displaced about 3.7 million people within the country- Aljazeera


Compiled by: Komy Lauris H.

Sources: afriquecentral.com + Reuters.com + france24.com + nytimes.com + Aljazeera


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