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She fell in love with a six pack


Is the office of a man one of sex or role play?
It baffles me not a little, that many a time Father’s Day is converted to Single Mother’s Day in some homes.

My perceptions and memories of my late father happen to be the basis for this piece even though I don’t seek to tender any further details to the court of public opinion for scrutiny. For many fathers who lived where I grew up, the biggest role they played in the lives of their kids was exclusively limited to convincing a gorgeous woman to lie down while he moved her from earth straight to cloud nine, with her eyes as drowsy-looking as that of a baby under convulsion. The issue of birth outside wedlock was the least of their worries since, to them, the economy of the day and its rippling effect on families was a bigger issue to deal with. The irony. Unapologetically, I am a Siano boy who grew up in a place where it was common to find a family of eight living in a single room in a compound house – Krofrom.

Forgive my bad manners; today isn’t about me but rather Hetty, my older friend who is happily enjoying a fairytale life in marriage.

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Below is a painting of how my friend Henrietta fell in love with a man with a 6 pack, which you may find exhilarating.

The 6 pack

1. Visionary/intelligent
I have been convinced from day one since I met Nana Agyei that he has no crap up his sleeve because he is slow to anger, a deep thinker, seasons his speech, always circumspect of his actions and a strategic planner with regards to our future. The least I can do is to love and respect him which comes at zero cost.

2. Discipline/loyal/faithful
He is sincere, loyal and faithful to his home and ensuring discipline has always been non-negotiable. While we were dating, he never skipped his tithes so that was a subtle affirmation of the fact that he wasn’t going to cheat on me since he wasn’t doing that to his God (though that’s not enough).

3. Role model
I am at peace at home because my man is beyond the proverbial head of the family. He values his sense of manliness, responsibilities and above all, he is an inspiration to me and the kids. He tells me his best moment this year was when he was helping junior with homework earlier this year and the little boy uttered these magical words, “Daddy, I want to be like you.”

4. Provider
You should know by now that comfort is my middle name. Oh yes I said it. I love quality hair, bags and dresses, and knowing that life is too short, I can only buy more shoes. Guess who provides them from a deep pocket?

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5. Protector/Prayerful/ Physically fit
My hubby has a great personality and good fashion sense. Be that as it may, he is also the type who wakes up before first light just to pray for his family. Please allow me to add this – his physique is just on point with the biceps and triceps smiling at onlookers. He often pulls me along to the gym, jogging and aerobic sessions. He is a lover of tiger nuts and to date, I keep wondering why.

6. A great lover (Mr. Romantic)
He loves all of me (I wonder how he  manages to deal with my ass anyway), the good, the bad and the ugly. Oh I forgot to mention that I have crazy mood swings, one that surprises the devil himself but he still sticks around like nothing ever happened. He drove me from Kumasi all the way to Akosombo just to eat dinner by the lake and another time, he came to my work place from his, just to tell me how much he loved me after I had been swept off my feet. As my third decade draws nigh, thoughts of the surprises he might pull off gives me chills.

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For a moment I thought she was talking about Jesus Christ with all the happy ever after connotations but to my amazement,  some dreams do come true.

From where you sit, let’s assume without admitting that you’re a woman, who would your ideal partner be?

George Sarpong,

What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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