Home Campus Best graduating student at the college of Art and Built environment at KNUST urges colleagues to make difference in society

Best graduating student at the college of Art and Built environment at KNUST urges colleagues to make difference in society

The best graduating student at the college of Art and Built environment at the just ended KNUST graduation, Miss Naomi Adjei has admonished her colleagues to be prepared to make difference in the society. Naomi who had a Cummulated Weighted Average (CWA) of 79.91, in a speech delivered on the day of her graduation urged her mates to work hard to make impact in the society as they leave school.

Below is the full speech delivered by Naomi Adjei:

“The Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Provosts, Deans, Directors, College Registrars, Heads of Department, Members of Convocation, Senior and Junior Staff, Members of the Press, Parents, Distinguished Invited Guests, Fellow Graduands, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon.
It is truly humbling and a great honour to be addressing this congregation today as a member of graduating class of 2017. You will bear me out that we have been able to accomplish this feat of successfully completing our programmes by the Grace of God.

Fellow Graduands congratulations for a successful journey. Truly, it has not been easy, from the very first shock of the small room we had to share, and then to September rush. There were the long queues for the popular food “gob3”, not out of choice but as a last resort. Then came our first results.
I will always remember the jokes after our second communication skills paper, when memo did not show up in any part of the paper, but people still found ways to include an answer on it. At a point, we wished it was an optional course we could just drop. Thank God we didn’t have that option.
That was just the beginning of 4 years of starting something with excitement and just wanting to quit at a point. Ayekoo to us all for not quitting. Like Gold, we have come out solid, refined, tested and sealed with the “Approved” sign.

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Now here we are, prepared to make a difference in the society. This is not only through our efforts but also through the contribution of others. As George Adams puts it, ‘’there is nothing like a self-made man, we are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a good deed for us or uttered a word of encouragement to us, had entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our successes’’.
On behalf of the graduating class of 2017 I wish to express our gratitude to all of you. To our lecturers, we will forever be grateful for the impact you have made in our lives, especially for your counsel and encouragement, we are eternally grateful. We are also grateful to the non -teaching staff comprising senior members, senior and junior staff for your invaluable contribution to our training.
Our profound gratitude also goes to our parents, guardians, and everyone who invested in our education to make this day possible. It is my prayer that we will be able to offer the best of service to the society.
Fellow Graduands, this is the day ordained and given to us by God, it is not just a colourful celebration but the beginning of a promising future; another phase of our lives.

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Out there, the only one who can determine what we become is ourselves. Not the systems, not the economy, but the willingness to go the extra mile. We have to want to succeed, because our Class today, does not matter there. There, it is just about who wants it more. It’s about the efforts you put in and how indispensable you become.
Fellow Graduands, the truth is, not all of us will be entrepreneurs in the next five years. But no matter what we end up doing, we will surely be working for people and with people.
So if you want to be ordinary, be in the norm. If you want to be extraordinary, break the norm. Art is us. We produce our experiences, which is a blend of the people we have met, the places we have been and the books we have read. So let’s respect everyone we come across, be humble, read from the greats and leave our comfort zones; then we can produce art that heals, speaks, educates and satisfies.

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As I conclude my speech, I would like us to note that no one owes us anything. Instead we owe it to our world and ourselves to do more and be more. Let us not go expecting things. You think you deserve a share of the national cake? Grab the knife, cut your share and eat it!
Fellow Graduands, I know we are afraid and unsure but as Susan Sontag puts it, “let’s be less afraid.”
And finally, “Believe in God, believe in Him again, and all things are possible to you.”
Thank You.”


By: Naomi Adjei


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