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Aflao: 13 suspected robbers arrested

Police in the Volta Region have arrested 13 persons at Aflao believed to be attacking people crossing the border to Togo.

The arrest during the early hours of Tuesday, July 25, 2017, was made possible by informants, police say.

Volta Region Police Commander, ACP Nana Asomah Hinneh, said police have been picking information that the border town was becoming a haven for criminals who attack unsuspecting travellers crossing to Togo to conduct business.

ACP Nana Asomah-Hinneh said traders from Kumasi, especially, and other parts of the country who are not conversant with the border town have fallen victim of the attacks by the criminals who seize money and property.

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The 13 suspects were made up of two females and 11 males between age 19 and 50.

Most of them were picked up at different slums at Aflao.

Substances suspected to be Indian hemp and cocaine were also found on the suspects during the swoop.

The Police Commander said the mode of operation of the criminals has been to pretend to be police officers, immigration officers, National Security officers offering their services to unsuspecting travellers to cross the border through unapproved routes when the border is closed.

Some of the traders fall for them and get swindled or attacked.

The police said more swoops will be carried out in different parts of the region.

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“If we are able to move from here to Aflao, obviously we are moving beyond. We are going to make sure the region is free of crime. We will move to very nook and cranny of the region,” he said.

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