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ACEP pushes for local technology use in Ghana’s extractive sector

The African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has warned government against its over reliance on foreign partners in providing skills and technology needed to extract the country’s natural mineral resources.

The energy think tank bemoans what it describes as the huge sums of monies spent to import such skills and technology.

ACEP argues this is not in the best interest of the country and need a possible reversal.

The Executive Director of ACEP, Benjamin Boakye has therefore impressed on government to focus on developing the necessary skills and technology in order to grow various industries in the country.

“We don’t invest as much as we should in skills and technology, how is it that Ghana has been mining for one hundred years and we can’t even boast of our own bulldozer today, simple tools that support the industry?”

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Mr. Boakye in addition said, “We are not conscious about how many skilled individuals we are developing to be able to take up the industry, not just skills that are already feeding the mining industry but technology that supports all other services like construction, building technology and everything that the industry needs.”

Ben Boakye was speaking at a National Stakeholder Forum on Mineral Extraction for Sustainable Development.

He further said government cannot continue relying on other countries for the help the nations industry needs.

“You have a situation where countries like Canada,South Africa, the US will not be mining but they consume a chunk of our resources by supplying us with what we need because we always have to front-load what we need to extract the resources.”

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