Home News A 11-year old shot dead in violent rally in Lomé

A 11-year old shot dead in violent rally in Lomé

A 11-year old young boy was shot dead and 2 others killed in Lomé during Wednesday 18th October ‘’prohibited’’ rally in Lomé the capital.

The unidentified kid was killed during a violent clash between the Police trying to disperse the march and people in the canton of Bè-Kpota known as the opposition fief in the capital.

The Minister of Security Mr Yark Damehame based on Hospital reports confirmed the death of the young boy killed by bullet with three people who also got injured by bullet. An information the opposition rank contradicts with 2 people killed by bullet in Lomé. Aside, ‘’over sixty people were arrested’’ added the Minister.

In September a 9-year-old boy was also killed on the spot in Mango and a teenager gave up the ghost after being injured by bullets shot in Bafilo in the Extreme North of Togo over a clash between security forces and members of the opposition.

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Francois Patuel, a researcher in West Africa at Amnesty International believes that a bad management of the conflict may result in another violence. “the rhythm at which the Togolese context of Human Rights degrades in Togo is troubling. The repressive approach of authorities that curbs freedom and the impudicity (shamelessness) whose riot police are susceptible of, fuel political tensions and accelerate radicalization of some protesters’’_Togoweb

On last Monday 16th october, the arrest of the Imam Djobo Mohamed Allassani in Sokode for “encitment….to violence and murder’’ according to Government, dragged a wave of protesters in the streets of Lomé and Sokodé which ignited a series of violent clashes leaving 4 people killed; 2 militaries personnel and 2 civilians. The angry mob did not spare some public and private infrastructures to claim the liberation of their imam.

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According to diplomatic sources, 13 out of 15 ECOWAS Presidents consulted in the Togolese Political turmoil in Togo estimated that The President must leave office at the end of his term in 2020 to avoid bouncing its country and the whole region in an instability.

Meanwhile, after two months of socio-political crisis Faure has kept an absolute silence and yet, has not made any official declaration to the Togolese who seem resolute to fight until his departure and a change of the constitution, and even at the cost of military repression.

Around 500 hundred people fled to Ghana after a severe repression by the army in the extreme northern part of the country Mango late September after a clash following an unauthorized rally.

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Togo has the record of the longest president stay on power in West Africa with half a century for the Gnassingbe Family who has been in power since 1967. Faure Gnassingbé E. -son of former Gnassingbé Eyadema who ruled Togo for 38 years- came on power in 2005 with the support of the aarmy and he is currently ruling for its third mandate.

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